Who We Are:

The Japanese American Confinement Sites Consortium (JACSC) is comprised of organizations committed to collectively preserving, protecting, and interpreting the history of the World War II experiences of Japanese Americans and elevating the related social justice lessons that inform current issues today. Members include the ten War Relocation Authority confinement sites, as well as historical organizations, endowments, museums, commissions, and educational institutes.



Work together to build capacity for all member organizations.


Defend against threats to historic sites, structures, artifacts, and stakeholder organizations, as well as threats to social justice.


Among other issues, advocate for the continuation of the
Japanese American Confinement Sites grant program, and other programs that help preserve and interpret this important chapter in our nation's history.

"Democracy does not necessarily result from majority rule, but rather from the forged compromise of the majority with the minority.


The philosophy of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights is not simply to grant the majority the power to rule, but is also to set out limitation after limitation upon that power. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion; what are these but the recognition that at times when the majority of men would willingly destroy him, a dissenting man may have no friend but the law."



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